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St. Charles East H.S. Ping Pong Club gives students a place to play ping pong for fun on Friday's (only Fridays that we have classes) in F-178C ("The Dungeon") from 2:45 - 4:30.  No experience or talent required!  Just come and have fun, and if you say something, somebody will be glad to teach you.  The club's only requirements are:

  • Respect and sportsmanship toward others
  • Respect and care toward club equipment
  • Let others have their turn. 

For those students who desire more competition, Ping Pong Club will occasionally host intramural tournaments. Players who are particularly successful at these tournaments and/or challenge matches may be invited to join the Ping Pong Team, which plays against teams from other suburban high schools.

For you history buffs, St. Charles East H.S.’s Ping Pong Club was founded in 2004 by students on the school tennis team, Nick L. and Ryan C.  Although the founding members had lots of talent, the club acted primarily as a place for recreational ping pong.  In 2005 and 2006 it was lucky to have a club president, Ryan B., who brought publicity, fundraising, and some student coaching to the club.  A subsequent club president, Greg B., brought greater organization to the club and began the tradition of intramural tournaments.  Since that time intramural tournaments have steadily increased the competitiveness of the club.  

In 2014, St. Charles East joined a league of suburban high school ping pong teams, the Interscholastic Table Tennis Illinois Association.  Our first team included a group of eager players who consistently improved, upset a couple teams, and throughout displayed the finest of sportsmanship.  Overall the team  finished 5th at the ITTI tournament in March of 2015.  This team’s leadership highlights include Kevin S.’s design and acquisition of a club t-shirt, Jake O.’s writing of a grant to improve score display for the club, and Alan K.’s design of a club website.

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